Celebrate good times come on

Hello everybody!

In every dream journey, there are Ebenezer moments. You’ve got to celebrate those milestones by building altars. Then you’ve got to surround yourself with those life symbols so you don’t forget what God wants you to remember.

Smiles around the table will forever be on the altar of celebration

I don’t believe that our greatest shortcoming is not feeling bad enough about what we’ve done wrong. I think our greatest shortcoming is not feeling good enough about what God has done right. When we under-celebrate, we fall short of the glory of God

  • We need to celebrate more.
  • We need to celebrate better.


Why? Why not? March was FULL. What with the snow, the commute, work commitments I can’t even make excuses besides the truth that March came and it wasn’t playing, it required my full attention and then some!

Overall it was a good month with new challenges but of course victories. Can we give me a high five for finally catching up to season7 of Sandal (hides face in shame), the way my life is set up I’m so proud of myself for even finding the time to catch up, but what is going on with Cyrus Bean? Also, on my list of accomplishments is successfully executing a date with moi. Oh, and did I mention it was dinner in a 5-star restaurant alone savouring on a three course meal. No rush service, I took my time, dressed to impress (myself) and yes if I do say so I looked good and company wasn’t too bad. It even scored a movie afterwards. Nice going for a first date. Last and certainly not least I have recently booked a getaway for one. No not a retreat that’d be too easy. I’ll share soon. I have a thing about not disclosing destinations until one has been and gone.

Life will teach you even in this ’free’ world that freedom costs.

My beautiful sister turns 40, celebrating her life to the fullest.

I got thinking today, as you do. Does life really begin at 40? And if so, do you know what type of life you’d like to have considering you would’ve already been alive for 4 decades? Hmm thats one to chew and ponder on.

As a new decade beckons I’ve been reflecting on life, my life, the meaning of life, our choices and decisions we make that show us how we value life and what it costs.


  • Is it truly free?
  • Is life truly free?

I mean really lets think for second. So you’re free to live the life you choose; debatable. Call me deep, better still come with me and lets go deeper as I reflect on the fact that life, mine and yours was paid for by blood. Blood that came with a price of a man( I call him Jesus) who freely chose to die for you, and me. And guess why? So that we might have eternal life to live in abundance to the full until it overflows. That sounds to me like the ransom was paid for me to live a life worthy of celebration. Have we become a society of people where we chip at everything unaccomplished instead of celebrate the things attempted?

No more chains, so long shackles.

Who Am I to stand in the way of a blood bought life? I refuse to wait until 40 to say life begins, for me life began the day I met the truth. I hope you will meet with the truth soon.

Until next time, please enjoy your God given life and be sure to celebrate every milestone, big or small. After all it’s your blood bought right do so. Tell me what you think. I want to hear from you.

I am on this journey to live, embrace and expose truth to one person @ a time.


Jewel x


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